Sugar Creek Log Lodge, 15 acres, $349,000

Michelangelo spent over four years to paint the Sistine chapel. Much of this work was done by just him alone.

Sugar Creek Log Lodge was built in the same manner. One skilled log home builder slowly creating a work of log art. Every log, beam and bent limb or tree trunk was man handled into place by a lone artesian.

The result of these labors is a truly one of a kind lodge overlooking massive springs that pool, then cascade into Sugar creek, a trout stream teeming with brown trout.

This Rustic “Stockade Style” 28x34 log Lodge ( approximately 1670 Sq feet) located on an elevated bench at the base of a towering bluff has a beautiful wraparound deck (510 sq feet) with log railings, a brick patio with fire ring (10x21) and is overlooking a vast oak forest with a distant view of the Mississippi river.

Suger Creek meanders through the property and empties into the might Mississippi only a few hundred yards from these 15 acres of privacy and seclusion.

Upon entering the Lodge one is awestruck by the beauty of the custom built log stairs with bent tree trunk and log twig railings that are reminiscent of the “old Faithful inn” in Yellow Stone National Park”.

The Lodge comes equipped with a gas fireplace, full step saver kitchen, dining area, Living room, two baths (loft bath, full downstairs bath), and a 4 season sleeping porch (8x20).

The twin sleeping lofts with vaulted log ceilings and dormers give a cavernous feeling of space.

Partially furnished including appliances and awaits the new owner of this log lodge.

A 10 x16 shed offers lots of storage space.

A gazebo on a 14 x20 deck offers a lookout over the quiet woodlands and is adjacent to a hiking trail.

Trails lead from the cabin to a hidden 5 foot deep spring pool and multiple springs that flow into the pristine trout stream. Fish the deep pools for a trout dinner or Sit on a bench in a meadow by the flowing waters and let your cares drift away to the big river.

This unique 15 acre Log home lodge is surrounded by public lands.

The “Sugar Creek Bluff State Natural Area” surrounds this property.

No neighbors or chance of neighbors forever.

The state has even came in and created wetland ponds in the natural area to attract waterfowl and game.

A native prairie accessed by hiking trails offer fantastic views of the Upper Mississippi Fish and wildlife Refuge.

This is a work of love by a skilled craftsman that will be enjoyed by many generations by the discriminating few who appreciate the best.

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