Secluded Solar Cabin on 24 Acres, $87,000


Across the meadow and through the woods, at the end of a looong dead-end road, you'll find a solar powered cabin on 24 wooded acres overlooking the Coulee Creek Valley.

This very private parcel is at the remote end of a 600 acre dairy farm, so it is not part of a development and there are no restrictions or covenants. Furnishings, including a microwave, refrigerator and wood stove are included.

Solar powered cabin means no electric bills!

The heavily timbered point is ideal for the avid nature lover who doesn't want to see any humans or for a hunter who never wants to look for a place to hunt again.

Located in the beautiful Rush Creek State Natural area and a few miles from the Upper Mississippi Fish and Wildlife Refuge. Spectacular views all around!

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